Just five kilometres from Cambrils, in the direction of Montbrió, is Parque Samà, known as Parc Samà in Catalán, a majestic historical, botanical, and zoological garden on the Costa Daurada.

The Park reflects the creativity and vision of the second Marquis of Marianao, Salvador Samà, who built it in 1881 as a refuge for leisure and relaxation. This private garden, declared a Cultural Interest Site (BIC) in the category of Historical Garden, is a witness to the influence of colonial Cuba in the region.

Where is Parc Samà?

This park blends architectural and landscape styles ranging from neoclassical to romantic and English. At the heart of the park lies the imposing Samà Palace, with its elegant colonial porch, surrounded by lush gardens. Moreover, it hosts an impressive variety of greenery: 600 palm trees of different species, cedars, pines, banana trees, and the striking taxodium, also known as the swamp cypress.

The park is also home to various fauna species, from fallow deer and pheasants to peacocks and exotic birds, contributing to the atmosphere of a historical zoo.

One of the highlights of Parc Samà is its lake, adorned with bridges, grottos, and waterfalls. This idyllic landscape was designed by the Barcelona architect Josep Fontseré, with the possible collaboration of the young Antoni Gaudí, who left his mark on several details of the park.

In addition to its natural and architectural beauty, Parc Samà offers the opportunity to explore the town of Cambrils, located just 6 km away. Cambrils is an ideal destination for families and older individuals looking to enjoy the history and culture of the Costa Dorada.


What to See in Parc Samà, Cambrils

The Taxodium Grotto

The Taxodium Grotto adds a touch of mystery and adventure to Parc Samà. Built around an imposing specimen of Taxodium distichum, this underground structure captivates visitors with its rocky formations and intriguing atmosphere.

The SDG Labyrinth

The SDG Labyrinth is a modern attraction that combines fun and environmental awareness. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this thematic maze will make you reflect on important issues such as sustainability and environmental conservation while enjoying a walk among the vegetation.

Fuente de las Conchas (The Shell Fountain)

The Shell Fountain is an impressive architectural structure located in front of the Palace House. With its decorative stone shells and elegant design, this fountain is one of the wonders of Parc Samà. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park.

Casa Palacio

The Palace House is an example of the architectural style of the era. It is an impressive neo-Gothic building, constructed in the 19th century. Located in the heart of Parc Samà, you can explore the gardens surrounding it and marvel at its timeless beauty and elegance.


Plants, Trees and Flowers

Parc Samà is home to an incredible variety of plants, trees, and flowers. From exotic palm trees to elegant cedars and fragrant jasmine, every corner of the park is filled with natural beauty. Discover the botanical species that make this garden a unique place and learn about their importance in the local ecosystem.

What to Do in Parc Samà

A visit to Parc Samà offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. From strolling peacefully through the beautiful gardens to participating in special events such as outdoor concerts and art exhibitions, there is always something to do in the park.

Parc Samà Cambrils: Opening Hours and Tickets

Parc Samà is open to the public at specific times, so make sure to check the opening hours before planning your visit. The usual opening hours for Parc Samà tend to be from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Regarding entrance fees, there are different options depending on age and type of visit. For example, adults usually pay a standard fee, while children, students, and seniors may benefit from discounts. There are also special tickets for Parc Samà for groups and guided tours.

Extra Information for Your Visit to Parc Samà

To ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to Parc Samà in Cambrils, it’s important to keep in mind some additional details. For example, if you plan to bring your pet, make sure it is always leashed and under control to not interfere with the park’s natural environment. Additionally, remember that pets are not allowed in the Marianao Aviary.

If you have children with you, it is essential that minors are under adult supervision at all times. Moreover, the park has designated picnic areas, but be mindful of restrictions on the use of barbecues and bonfires for safety reasons.

Likewise, if you decide to take public transport, you can use the Reus – Cambrils bus line from BusPlana. There is also the option of free parking at the park’s entrance for visitors’ convenience.

Visit Parc Samà in Cambrils

In conclusion, Parc Samà is a must-see destination for any nature and history lover. With its stunning gardens, fascinating points of interest, and exciting events, it offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors. If you’re planning your visit, why not stay at the apartments offered by Parc Mont-Roig? Check out our accommodation options in Cambrils and come visit Parc Samà Cambrils without any worries.