The Prades Mountains, a natural treasure in Catalonia

‘Las Montañas de Prades’ (the Prades Mountains) are a highly valued area of natural beauty for the Catalans and for visitors from all over the world. It’s a mountain range located in the province of Tarragona. The range is made up of several peaks, deep valleys, very steep cliffs, some plateaus and many forests; all of them with incomparable landscapes and biodiversity. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else.

The highest peaks are around 1,000 metres, such as Pico Mola at 1,063 metres, the rocky peak of Roca Corbatera at 1,163 metres or, the jewel in the crown, Pico de la Baltasana reaching a total of 1,203 metres.

The vast flora and fauna of the Prades Mountains

In the Prades Mountains, in Tarragona, you can find an infinite number of tree species, although pines, holm oaks and oaks, characteristic of Mediterranean forests, are the most common. They’re also home to scented plants such as lavender, thyme and rosemary and, in springtime, the Prades Mountains are full of wild flowers like orchids, violets and daffodils.

This wide variety of flora means that many mammals, birds, reptiles and insects choose the Prades Mountains as their ideal habitat. You may even see deer, squirrels or foxes, as well as wild boars and badgers.

As it’s full of dense forest, many birds, including eagles, vultures and hawks also choose the Prades Mountains to nest. If you were a bird, wouldn’t you?

They are also home to various reptiles and amphibians that are easier to see, such as snakes, lizards and salamanders. And insects? There are plenty of them, especially during the summer, including butterflies, bees, beetles and many more.


The best hiking trails, villages and viewpoints are in the Prades Mountains

To really get to know all the fauna and flora we have mentioned above, the ideal way is to fully immerse yourself in the mountains, and you can do so with any of these routes.

The La Foradada and Camí de l'Ermita de l'Abellera routes

Starting from the charming village of Capafonts, located in the Baix Camp region, this medium-high difficulty route takes you to La Foradada, an impressive natural hole in the rock face. It offers exceptional views of the Prades Mountains and is especially known for its sunsets.

If you follow the path you will end up at the hermitage of l’Abellera, a small chapel carved directly into the rock. The route there is relatively short and of low difficulty.

The Gorgs Route near La Febró

This is one of the most popular and frequented routes in the Prades Mountains, known for its beautiful natural pools and waterfalls. 

It is located near La Febró, a small village of less than 50 inhabitants where you can find three natural pools: El Gorg, El Gorguet and La Gorguina. However, the path is not well-signposted and very few manage to reach the last one. It is a medium-difficulty route, perfect for walking in the summer months and taking a dip in the crystal-clear, refreshing waters of its pools.

Route through the Vall del Glorieta

This is a very easy 12-kilometre route. The path runs along the banks of the river Glorieta, hence the name. It passes by old mills, several ruins such as Mas de Xarrumba and Mas de Camprim, a cracked hydroelectric power station and the Niu de l’Àliga waterfall. It ends with a tremendous, balcony-shaped viewpoint with panoramic views of the ‘Vall Glorieta’ (Glorieta Valley).

The Camino de Ronda de Siurana

Siurana is a small mediaeval village perched on a limestone crag on top of a cliff – the Salto de la Reina Mora. It has a charming labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets that converge in a small square. 

To discover it, we take this one-kilometre route that passes through its reservoir, offering spectacular views of the Prades Mountains. It is of medium difficulty, with some slopes and the occasional rocky area where you need to take care.

The most emblematic things you will find on this route are the church of Santa Maria de Siurana, the reservoir and, of course, the ‘Mirador de la Trona’ (Trona viewpoint). It’s a natural formation, so called because of its striking resemblance to a chair placed on the edge of a cliff. But, be careful! Despite being called Trona viewpoint, there is no guardrail to prevent you from falling off the cliff.


Endless activities and experiences await in the Prades Mountains

Beyond hiking and exploring the villages of the Prades Mountains, there are endless activities for all tastes.

Scale the rugged cliffs with or without a guide, explore the mountains on marked cycling trails, join a birdwatching trip (or create your own itinerary!), or simply take out your camera and capture the stunning mountain scenery.

Mushroom picking, or mycology, is another popular autumn activity in the Prades Mountains: gathering or learning to identify mushrooms is very common due to the abundance of these fungi.

The Prades Mountains also offer exceptional conditions for exploring and enjoying the universe. The absence of light pollution allows you to see all the constellations and many planets like Saturn or Jupiter – at night – or Mars, Venus or Mercury – at sunset – depending on the position of the Earth and the Sun. You can do the observation on your own if you have a telescope or you can go to the Parc Atronòmic Muntanyes de Prades, where they organize a lot of activities for all audiences related to space.

Another must-do plan is exploring the Els Avencs de la Febró crevasses, 200 meters long and nearly 30 meters deep, which are accessible via a ramp. And the adventure doesn’t stop there; even more impressive, within these crevasses lies a cave over 12 meters high with a labyrinth of subterranean passages accessible only to the most avid speleologists.


Discover the beauty and tranquillity of the Prades Mountains

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