Come and discover the peaceful Platja de la Pixerota

Platja de la Pixerota (Pixerota Beach) is located on the Costa Dorada, just a few kilometres from the town centre of Mont-roig del Camp. Pixerota is known for being a practically untouched beach, set in a natural environment with dunes and native vegetation that is simply enchanting. It also boasts a generous stretch of fine, golden sand, and its clean, usually calm waters make it perfect for swimming.

Here’s more about Platja de la Pixerota and what to do in its surroundings to inspire you to visit!

What to see at Platja de la Pixerota

Although it’s a natural beach, Platja de la Pixerota offers basic amenities such as showers and bins, but it doesn’t have many bars and restaurants. This makes it a quieter spot, ideal for activities like walking, jogging, or simply sunbathing while enjoying a good book or magazine.

Near the beach, you’ll find plenty of points of interest to complement your visit to Platja de la Pixerota. One of them is the Camí de Ronda, a coastal path that offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, perfect for walking or cycling. It’s dotted with hidden coves and stunning landscapes.

And of course, take the time to explore Mont-roig del Camp and visit its historic centre. Its narrow, picturesque streets host attractions such as the Church of Sant Miquel or the Hermitage of Mare de Déu de la Roca, a place of worship perched on a red rock above Mont-roig del Camp. Even if you’re not Catholic, this spot offers incredible panoramic views of the region that are not to be missed.

If you’re seeking a bit more excitement, the famous PortAventura theme park is very close by. It offers a wide range of attractions and shows for all ages.

Also near Platja de la Pixerota is Parc Samà, a garden with a variety of plants and modernist architecture ponds. It’s a perfect place for a peaceful stroll in a carefully tended natural environment.

And while you’re at Parc Samà, you have no excuse not to visit Cambrils, a charming and photogenic fishing village renowned for its cuisine, particularly seafood and fish.


Unmissable events and festivals near Platja de la Pixerota

Near Platja de la Pixerota, there are numerous local festivals and plenty of markets and fairs where you can enhance your beach days by picking up some local products and crafts and enjoying local food.

The most notable festivals in Mont-roig del Camp include the Fiesta Mayor of Sant Miquel in September, the Fiesta of Sant Antoni in January, and the Fiesta of the Virgen de la Roca, also in September. Each of these festivals features processions, masses, concerts, cultural activities, fireworks, competitions, and much more. And if these aren’t enough, just a few kilometres away in Cambrils, several festivals are also celebrated such as the Fiesta Mayor of Mare de Déu del Camí in September or the Fiesta of Sant Pere in June.


A thousand and one activities to do at Platja de la Pixerota

Platja de la Pixerota offers a wide variety of activities despite being a very tranquil and natural environment. Besides sunbathing and taking a dip, you can stroll along the shore or get active; whether it’s running, practicing yoga, or engaging in other physical activities on the sand like playing beach paddleball, volleyball, frisbee, or building sandcastles.

Things get lively in the water too. You can enjoy snorkelling and explore the abundant marine life that Platja de la Pixerota has to offer. Just remember to bring your own equipment. You can also fish or go paddleboarding.

And when the sun sets, grab your camera and try to capture the beauty of the place. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or not, Platja de la Pixerota will make you want to take home a memory of its sunsets.

If these activities aren’t enough for you, in the surroundings of Platja de la Pixerota, you’ll also find incredible hiking trails, countless golf courses — for both enthusiasts and beginners — and the opportunity to take a mountain biking route, with trails that traverse landscapes you won’t experience any other way.

And, what's the best time to visit Platja de la Pixerota?

Well, that largely depends on your preferences. However, the preferred times to visit Platja de la Pixerota are undoubtedly spring and summer.

In spring, from March to June, temperatures are mild, ranging between 15°C and 25°C. Moreover, the days are much longer compared to winter, allowing you to enjoy more hours of daylight. One of the best aspects of visiting in spring is the reduced number of visitors; there are far fewer tourists than in summer.

However, despite the higher number of visitors, the best time to visit Platja de la Pixerota is summer, from June to September. The weather is hot and sunny, with temperatures reaching 30°C or more, making the sea warmer and swimming more appealing. Additionally, many of the festivals we mentioned earlier take place in summer, which can add a bonus to your visit.

In autumn and winter, the weather remains pleasant but cooler. In September and October, you might still enjoy the beach for sunbathing and dipping your feet. After that, you can take leisurely walks, observe nature, and, if you’re brave enough, go for a swim in the sea.

Come and discover the beauty of Platja de la Pixerota

Looking for a quiet and charming destination on the Costa Dorada to spend your holidays? Well, look no further! Platja de la Pixerota awaits you with its golden sands, clear waters, and practically untouched natural surroundings. Come and enjoy long walks along the shore, sunny days, and unforgettable sunsets.

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