The best beach in Cambrils is known as Arcadia and is, of course, a must-visit. What’s more, this fun-filled town on the Costa Dorada has no less than 9 km of wonderful coastline. As such, you’ll find bathing spots to suit all audiences, even dogs.

Cambrils Beach: Enjoying the sun and sand on the Costa Dorada

Imagine a golden landscape where the rhythmic movement of the waves calmly and gently caress the warm sand. Picture a dreamy, golden-coloured, peaceful, pleasant and family-friendly setting where the little ones will have a blast and everyone can take part in engaging activities. Cambrils and its beaches offer no shortage of unique experiences and an amazing vibe.

What stands out the most about its bathing spots are the warmth, tranquillity and shallowness of the Mediterranean Sea. The warm sun embraces you while you top up your tan that you can show off when you get back home.

The semi-urban, 1.6 km-long and 60 metre-wide Ardiaca beach is the perfect place for a family day out. It has all the basic services you could need, not to mention fun play areas for the little ones.

What’s more, it’s got something else: it isn’t usually packed, it’s more often than not only half-full. As such, you can unwind while reading, resting or keeping an eye on your children.


Activities on Cambrils Beach

The words Cambrils and beach are synonymous with satisfaction, variety and letting the good times roll. The beaches in Cambrils are all about having a good time, so you’ll never be bored.

It’s got everything from play parks, volleyball courts and football pitches marked out on the golden sand, trampolines and, of course, sun loungers to chill out on. The palm trees adds a touch of exoticism that’s sure to go down well with the little ones.

Did you know that there’s also a kids club for families to take advantage of? Non-stop fun for your kids. They’ll make friends with other kids and have the holiday of a lifetime. In the meantime, you can chill out alone or with your partner and make a splash on the floating platforms.

Water sports and fun on the beaches of the Costa Dorada

In Cambrils, the beach is brimming with opportunities to have a great time and share unforgettable experiences. There’s so much to do and there’s something for everyone. Try your hand at parasailing, jet skiing or the banana boat.

Do you like scuba diving? This option is also available, for different levels: the Mediterranean Sea is a great place to get started and quickly overcome your fear. There are also excursions you can head out on along the Tarragona coastline on a number of different boats, ranging from charming yachts to catamarans and sailing boats.

Parascending, water-skiing and the previously mentioned fun platforms floating on the waves round off just some of the options locals, visitors and tourists alike can enjoy.


Coastal gastronomy a stone’s throw from the sea in Cambrils

Renowned as the Gastronomic Capital of the Costa Dorada and with more than 150 restaurants, there’s no doubt you’ll find great places to eat in Cambrils and its beaches. It has a number of great beach bars to try local flavours while taking in stunning sea views, even with your feet in the golden sand.

On the other hand, the boardwalk is brimming with restaurants, serving local, national and international cuisine alike. If you like giving local cuisine a try, you’ll love the fideu rossos and the mouthwatering grilled seafood and fish. What’s more, aioli, mayonnaise and romesco add a unique touch to other dishes.

Be sure to try cambrillanes for dessert, made with hazelnuts, not to mention the delicious regional wines and cavas that’ll accompany you in these tastings.

Discover the coastal beauty of Cambrils and experience moments you’ll cherish forever.

Imagining being on the beaches of Cambrils is almost as good as being there. (You’re right, we’re exaggerating now). In this town in Tarragona, you’re guaranteed a unique beach holiday like never before. Whether you’re single, coming with your partner, family, or group of friends. It’s sure to be a more-than-lively getaway!

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Can we offer you a tip? Check the weather and book ASAP. You’re about to make a decision you’ll remember forever. On Cambrils Beach, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time. You’ll enjoy sports, unwind, spend time with your kids and soak up the Mediterranean vibe, leaving you feeling brand new. When are you coming?