The Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival is an annual event that celebrates the union of wine and cuisine in the picturesque coastal town of Cambrils, in the Costa Daurada of Catalonia. This festival brings together more than twenty winemakers who present a wide range of prestigious wines from different designations of origin in the province of Tarragona. These wines are then expertly paired with traditional Cambrils dishes. Apart from drinking wine and eating delicious food, attendees can participate in guided tastings, family workshops and enjoy some live music and group performances, making this festival a unique food and wine experience.

Where and when is the Cambrils wine festival being held in 2023?

The Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival 2023 will take place on one of the most special dates of the year, from the 11th to the 15th of October, coinciding with the Pilar bank holiday. As they do every year, attendees save this date to enjoy the gastronomical delights of this area and its local wines.

As in previous years, the Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival takes place in the Parque del Pescador, located in the charming neighbourhood of Cambrils. This park serves as an idyllic backdrop for this event, which you can attend with family and friends and experience a unique event.

Feria del vino y gastronomia cambrils 2023

Variety of wines and food at the Cambrils Festival

The festival offers a unique pairing experience. More than twenty winemakers present a wide range of wines from different designations of origin in the province of Tarragona. From renowned wines like Priorat and Montsant to options from Terra Alta, Conca de Barberà, Cava, Catalunya and Penedès, you will have the chance to try a wide range of quality wines.

To complement these delicious wines, you can try some authentic Cambrils dishes that have been carefully selected to enhance your tasting experience.

Additional activities at the Cambrils Wine Festival 2023

The Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival is an inclusive event, with attendees of all ages. For wine lovers, there are tastings led by professional sommeliers so you can learn more about the region’s wines. In addition, you can learn about winegrowing in the area and the vineyard operations, and thus learn more about one of the products that defines Spain.  

There will also be workshops designed for the whole family, meaning even little ones can take part and have fun. Here, the little ones of the house will be able to make their own grape juice and play as they learn.

Fira del vi Cambrils 2023

Music events and entertainment during the festival

The live music and group performances create a vibrant atmosphere and joy throughout the festival. This means that while you try wines and taste local treats, you will also be able to enjoy some live entertainment to complement your experience.

During the festival, many local artists come to make the space more welcoming and to put their talent on display.

Opening hours and tickets for the Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival 2023

The festival’s opening hours are flexible to adapt to your schedule. Doors open on Wednesday, 11 October at 18:00, continuing until Sunday, 15 October with varying opening hours from morning to night.

To try the local wines and dishes, you must buy tasting tickets called “Glups” and “Nyams”. These tickets can be bought in designated points within the venue and are used as a payment method at merchandisers’ stalls.

Fira gastronomia cambrils 2023

Rules and security at the Cambrils Wine Festival

The organisation takes security and rule adherence seriously. As such, security measures will be put into force to ensure the venue’s maximum capacity is adhered to, which means you will be able to safely enjoy the event. This prevents overcrowding so you can enjoy the festival to the fullest. For this reason, we recommend buying your tickets to the Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival in advance. 

Remember that by participating, you accept these rules, which include the use of identification badges and other measures intended to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all attendees.

Come and visit the Cambrils Wine Festival 2023

To summarise, the Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival is an exceptional event that combines passion for wine and delicious local food in a welcoming festival atmosphere. With the chance to try a wide range of high-quality wines paired with delicious Cambrils dishes, this festival offers a unique wine and food experience on the beautiful Costa Daurada of Catalonia.

Come join us at this annual celebration, where you can explore the diversity of the regional wine and experience exciting activities such as guided tastings and live musical performances. What’s more, Cambrils offers a wide variety of accommodation options so your visit can be even more memorable and comfortable. We can’t wait to see you from 11 to 15 October, to discover the authentic taste of Cambrils Wine and Gastronomy Festival this 2023!