Have you yet to visit Cala de les Sirenes?

Cala de les Sirenes is actually two beaches in one. This M-shaped cove is formed by the convergence of two stretches of sand surrounded by pine trees and separated by small rocks. It truly is a magical setting to take a dip and enjoy a landscape that is both idyllic and lush at the same time.

Cala de les Sirenes in Miami Platja is an iconic example of the Mediterranean’s great beauty. In total, between its two stretches of sand, the beach covers an area of 300 square metres. While the main one spans 180 m2, this bay offers up a pair of Siamese-twin beaches that are easily accessible from the town to which it belongs.

It is also part of a protected natural space made up of eight native coves. In addition to its beauty, it stands out for its tranquillity. If you’re looking for a peaceful place with golden sand and a mild breeze, this is the perfect destination for you. Despite the slope as you wade into the sea, it’s ideal for a getaway with children.

What makes Cala de les Sirenes so special?

Cala de les Sirenes possesses a unique, extraordinary, and hard-to-come-by trait: it is one of a kind. In a magical setting that blends vegetation and sea, you’ll feel relaxed, calm and full of vitality.

The pine forests and thickets rule its inland slope, making this cove feel like a natural refuge and secret hideaway for a select few. What’s more, the crystal-clear waters in this location contribute to providing both inner and outer peace. Keeping in mind that Cala de les Sirenes is a quiet place, the constant sound of the waves create a wonderful zen effect.

Without a doubt, it is the most idyllic cove in the town and its surroundings. A magnificent setting where you can both lose and find yourself, make exciting memories with your partner or share moments with your family.

Fun in the water and leisure in Cala de les Sirenes

Those who visit Cala de les Sirenes in Tarragona not only benefit from the peace, tranquillity and good vibes it has to offer. It is also a superb natural backdrop for a wide selection of water sports.

Its proximity to the Club Nàutic Hospitalet-Vandellós sports marina, just 3 kilometres away, greatly increases this variety. Boat trips, sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding and scuba diving are just some of the options available. In fact, this space is ideal for practising any water sport suitable for a cove. Of course, you can also enjoy a barefoot stroll along the coast or build sandcastles.

There are also beach volley areas, showers, a daily cleaning service and other perks for visitors.

Cala de les sirenes naturaleza

Where to eat in Cala de les Sirenes

Cala de les Sirenes has its own beach bar/restaurant that offers delicious cuisine to its diners. Alternatively, you’ll also find a wide selection of cafés, bars, terraces and restaurants in the vicinity.

One of the most emblematic and exquisite local products comes in the form of extra-virgin olive oil from Mont-roig del Camp. A few drops can take any recipe to the next level. What’s more, calçots and traditional Mont-roig biscuits (made with traditional carob flour) are further examples of outstanding local flavours.

In any case, the main restaurants around Cala de les Sirenes Miami Platja are characterised by their Mediterranean cuisine. Without a doubt, your taste buds will be more than satisfied.

Legends and mythology in the cove

The current perception of mermaids as friendly, seductive and often troubled creatures is very different from their role in classical mythology. Disney’s Little Mermaid, for example, has nothing to do with the flying, wicked women who tempted ancient Greek sailors.

Either way, the name “Cala de les Sirenes” given to this beach in Tarragona is not due to the physical presence of mermaids. As the legend goes, it is the peculiar silhouette of the rocks sitting on its shore that has earned it this name, as they resemble these mythical creatures. In fact, they may even remind you of the famous statue in Copenhagen.

Cala de les sirenes

Come to visit Cala de les Sirenes in Miami Platja

There are certain places in the Mediterranean that you simply cannot miss, and one of them is Cala de les Sirenes in Tarragona. How you travel is up to you, whether alone or with your nearest and dearest. It is an idyllic setting where splendour, melancholy and natural harmony come together as the sea caresses your skin.

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